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Pilot Sites

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Bispebjerg Hospital
Copenhagen, Denmark
Bispebjerg Hospital consists of 40 buildings, built from 1913 to 2009. Bispebjerg Hospital functions as a modern city hospital for 400,000 citizens from the Municipality of Frederiksberg and the larger part of the Municipality of Copenhagen and, at the same time, has to provide special services for an even larger population. It has different specialties and a diversified group of patients.
Existing infrastructure
The existing energy infrastructure consists of an ATES system connected to reversible heat pumps for heating and cooling of the hospital buildings. A total of 12 wells (6 hot wells and 6 cold wells) provide the required amount of thermal energy with a total groundwater flow rate of 360 m3/h. Peak heating and cooling loads are respectively 5.4 MW and 4.7 MW.
During cooling operation, the groundwater reservoir is supplied with 3.8 GWh/y of heat at a temperature of a maximum of 25°C.
During heating operation, the groundwater reservoir is supplied with 5.1 GWh/y of cold at a temperature of about 20°C
Site details
Pilot site leader: Aalborg University
Typology: Hospital
Geothermal systems installed: ATES
Building area: 165,000 m2
Annual loads: 5.1 / 3.8 GWH (heating/cooling)
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