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City of Geneva
Geneva, Switzterland
Geneva is located in the west part of Switzerland, at the south-western end of Lake Geneva. The present CO2 emissions of Geneva related to the energy sector represents 4.2 tCO2 per capita, of which 2.2 emitted by the heating sector. In 2014, the energy consumed by the heating sector in Geneva amounted to 5,444 GWh or 40.6 GJ/capit. Local renewable energy resources available for the heating sector have been estimated in Geneva and would represent about 5,500 GWh/y. The main resources identified are geothermal energy (1,000 GWh/y) and the thermal energy of the lake (4,000 GWh/y). However, some of these local resources can’t be used without district heating
Site details
Demo case leader: EMPA
Area: 15.92 km2
Population: 201,818
Existing infrastructure
The District Heating networks in Geneva cover only 10% of the heat market while most of the heat demand is located in dense urban areas. The majority of the heat consumption is located in urban areas where the heat density is respectively greater than 250 and 500 MWh/hectare. In such areas, the distribution cost of District Heating should remain affordable to guarantee its competitiveness when supplied by low cost resources.
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