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City of Zurich
Zurich, Switzterland
Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland and is located in the central-east part, at the north tip of Lake Zürich. The city’s CO2 emissions per capita are 4.16 t CO2eq, which, even without accounting for transportation, is 2.5 t per capita. The total city energy demand is approximately 4.3TWh/year, out of which 80% is currently produced with fossil fuels.
Site details
Existing infrastructure
To promote the use of local renewable energy and waste heat, the city of Zürich has already implemented District Heating networks in portions of the city. The city has four major location-bound energy sources, which include waste incineration power (providing waste heat), a sewage plant in Altstetten (treated sewage), Lake Zurich, and the Limmat River. The city has plans to expand these networks in the future to cover, with district thermal networks and energy from waste, sewage, lake water, and groundwater, a third of the urban area heat demand. Some of the energy networks also use geothermal heat or wood energy.
Demo case leader: EMPA
Area: 87.88 km2
Population: 415,215

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