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Pilot Sites

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School Enkplatz
Vienna, Austria
At the School Enkplatz an innovative concept of a zero energy building (ZEB) is being under testing and evaluation. The core innovative concept is to achieve an annual zero energy balance where the total building energy consumption can be covered by local RES. The realized sustainable energy concept provides a mix of local RES supply comprising solar thermal systems, PV-system, and geothermal heat pumps. The district heating on the one hand works as a backup system and on the other hand, takes over the heat excess particularly of solar thermal during summer times. Furthermore, the geothermal system works as a cooling (floor cooling) and a heating system (floor heating) as well. For optimum indoor air quality, a ventilation system with heat recovery is realized for the four gyms of the school. In this regard the realized low-temperature local heating presents an important element for the future 4-5th Generation district heating and cooling.
Existing infrastructure
The geothermal system consists of 16 boreholes with a depth of 120 m connected to a heat pump and working a heating and cooling system (floor heating/cooling). The first monitoring year reveals an average COP value of 4.1.  
Site details
Pilot site leader: AIT
Typology: School
Geothermal systems installed: BTES
Building area: 7880 m2
Annual loads: 132 / 55 MWh (heating/cooling)

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