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Pilot Sites

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EMPA Campus
Dübendorf, Switzerland
The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) is an interdisciplinary Swiss research institute for applied materials sciences and technology. For most of the period since its foundation in 1880, it concentrated on classical materials testing. Since the late 1980s it has developed into a modern research and development institute. The campus consists of 35 buildings of different uses.
Existing infrastructure
The Empa campus features a district heating and cooling system. Three networks operating at high, medium, and low temperatures are present.
A BTES system comprising 144 boreholes 100m deep, is currently under construction. The BTES plumbing can be dynamically changed, either in a configuration with eight in-series circuits including 18 GHXs each, or a configuration of all the GHXs connected in parallel (Figure 2). The ground heat exchangers (GHXs) are of double-U type, with the outer ones made of PE-100 RC and the inner ones made of PE-100RT to withstand higher temperature loads. Each one of the in-series circuits is instrumented with energy meters, measuring the HTF flow and inlet and outlet temperature from the field. Thirteen BTES boreholes will also be equipped with fiber-optic cables to measure the ground temperature with a 2 m spatial resolution. The ground temperature measurement will be undertaken in three radial directions.
Site details
Pilot site leader: EMPA
Typology: Research facility
Geothermal systems installed: BTES
Building area: 61,776 m2
Annual loads: 6.8 / 3.5 GWH (heating/cooling)
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