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Freiburg, Germany
Freiburg is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Freiburg is bordered by the Black Forest mountains Rosskopf and Bromberg to the east, Schönberg and Tuniberg to the south, with the Kaiserstuhl hill region to the west. Freiburg-Dietenbach is a development area on the western outskirts of the city of Freiburg. Following the city’s strategy for carbon neutrality, the district Freiburg-Dietenbach is designed as a demonstration site for environmentally friendly and sustainable city planning.
Existing infrastructure
The district Freiburg-Dietenbach and the thermal energy supply and distribution systems are at an advanced planning stage. The city plans to construct 5,000 apartments, together with two schools and several commercial buildings. The annual heating and cooling loads are 43 GWh and 0.3 GWh, respectively.

Extensive feasibility studies conducted by the KIT using numerical modeling approaches revealed a high potential for thermal energy supply by groundwater heat pumps. The entire heating of the district could be covered by a system consisting of 21 groundwater extraction and 26 reinjection wells.
Site details
Demo case leader: KIT
Area: 415 km2
Population: 1,911,191
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