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Work Plan

GOES project is organized with the following work package structure:

  • The first three work packages analyze the design and operation of energy systems at three scales: Subsurface scale (WP1), Technology & Building scale (WP2), and Neighbourhood to City scale (WP3).

  • WP4 integrates different scales into a common platform, coupling them with appropriate interface mechanisms and identifying the appropriate level of abstraction and refinement for each one.

  • WP5 manages the implementation of the findings in demonstration and pilot sites, validating models, results, and tools.

  • WP6 manages the consortia and ensures Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT).

GOES Concept Map-1.png
Our Team

WP1: Subsurface scale

WP2: Technology & Building scale

WP3: Neighborhood to City scale

WP4: Cross-scale integration

WP5: Implementation

WP6: Management

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